Feminist Professor Who Attacked Pro-Life Protesters Now Hit With Civil Lawsuit

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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The pro-life group Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLF) filed a civil lawsuit Thursday against the University of California, Santa Barbara and feminist professor Mireille Miller-Young, who was recently convicted of stealing from and assaulting pro-life protesters earlier this year.

The feminist studies professor, who specializes in queer theory and pornography, went on a video-recorded rampage in March when she stole and destroyed a pro-life poster, before attacking and causing minor injuries to 16-year-old protestor Thrin Short.

In July, Miller-Young was convicted of assaulting Short, and stealing and destroying the protestors’ property. (RELATED: Video of Feminist Professor Attacking 16-Year-Old Anti-Abortion Foe)

The Life and Legal Foundation, however, is taking Miller-Young back to court on behalf of the demonstrators who were attacked during the March confrontation. The foundation filed a civil suit Thursday against Miller-Young, UC Santa Barbara and a group of students who assisted the professor during the attack, according to a Life and Legal Foundation press release. LLF is seeking compensation for physical battery, property theft and civil rights violations.

Though Miller-Young was court-ordered to attend conflict resolution classes through the Quaker Church, and is currently serving three years of probation, bureaucrats at UC Santa Barbara never reprimanded the professor for her actions. In fact, the professor is still listed on the school’s faculty webpage as an associate professor in the public university’s feminist studies department. (RELATED: UCSB Professor Mireille Miller-Young Sentenced to Three Years Probation After Attack On Protestors)

“This is a mature, supposedly educated woman charged by the University of California to convey knowledge, and instead she conveyed discrimination and intolerance. Not only was she out of line in attacking students, but she literally drew blood from a minor,” Dana Cody, president and executive director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, said a statement.

The Ph.D.-wielding professor whose dissertation is called “A Taste for Brown Sugar: The History of Black Women in American Pornography,” is still listed as an associate professor at the public university. And according to the Life Legal Defense, she might keep her job because UCSB apparently does not blame the convicted assaulter for igniting the attack.

“In fact, communications from university officials implied that the youth who had been peacefully engaged in advocating a pro-life worldview caused the incident,” the press release said.

Previously, Miller-Young who was pregnant at the time of the attack, defended her actions claiming that the graphic pictures of aborted babies upset her. (RELATED: Feminist Professor Claims ‘Moral Right’ To Attack Teenage Abortion Foe) 

Then months after the March attack, the excuses for why Miller-Young attacked the peaceful group got even more outlandish. While the feminist professor was pleading no contest in court, her fellow looney liberal colleagues urged the judge to excuse the criminal allegations of assault and theft because of the “cultural legacy of slavery.” (RELATED: Defenders: Slavery Made UCSB Colleague Batter Teen, Destroy Anti-Abortion Poster)

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