Wealthy Socialite And Oldest NFL Cheerleader Accused Of Sexual Encounters With 15-Year-Old Boy

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Molly Shattuck is an ultra-wealthy Baltimore socialite. Her claim to riches is that she married (and then separated from) energy magnate Mayo A. Shattuck III. Her claim to fame is that she has been the oldest, active NFL cheerleader. (She also calls herself a fitness guru.)

The 47-year-old mother of three is now famous for something else as well: She was arrested this week on nine counts of unlawful sexual contact with her son’s 15-year-old classmate, The Baltimore Sun reports.

The unidentified boy attends the fancypants McDonogh School with Shattuck’s three children, aged 11 to 15.

A Delaware State Police affidavit claims that Shattuck began the relationship with the boy in May by commenting on his Instagram photos.

“We would have fun together,” one Instagram message from the almost-quinquagenarian allegedly said.

And the pair, separated in age by 32 years, did have fun together. Most of it consisted of making out. They allegedly got busy in a movie theater. They also got busy in Shattuck’s Cadillac Escalade in a middle school parking lot and in a T. Rowe Price building parking garage.

Police say the next frisky meeting occurred at over Labor Day weekend when Shattuck invited the boy to join her and her three children at a beach house in Bethany Beach, Del.

At the beach house, the police affidavit says, Shattuck and the 15-year-old boy delighted in some wine. She also bought some Bud Light and Miller Lite for him and her older kids.

Shattuck’s eventual pick-up line was almost as good as the classic frat boy’s show-you-my-posters gambit. She asked the boy to help her walk the dog.

Outside, police say, Shattuck promptly performed oral sex on him.

There was a second round of oral sex after she told the kids it was time to go to bed and sneaked the boy to her room. This time, she stripped down to just her underwear.

It was then that Shattuck suggested sexual intercourse. The boy left the room at that point. The next day, his father picked him up at the beach house.

Investigators have seized a computer, a phone and other devices owned by Shattuck. They also impounded the “pink lace bra and underwear” the boy said Shattuck chose as her beach house undergarments, according to the Sun.

The brouhaha has rich people in Baltimore titillated.

“It’s the talk of the town. It’s probably the most sensational thing that’s ever hit Baltimore,” Lainy LeBow-Sachs, executive vice president at the Kennedy Kreiger Institute, told the newspaper.

“I think it’s a very sad time. It’s sad for the children and the family, and it’s sad for her. The whole thing is just pathetic,” he added, of course.

Shattuck joined the Baltimore Ravens cheerleading squad in 2005. She was 38 at the time. Her husband had been involved in team ownership prior to her time as a cheerleader.

A grand jury indicted the socialite on Monday. The counts in the indictment include two counts of third-degree rape. The maximum sentence for each of those counts is 25 years in prison.

Eugene Maurer, a Delaware attorney representing Shattuck, said his client is innocent.

“She is obviously quite distraught,” he told the Sun.

Shattuck was arraigned on Wednesday and is out of jail on an $84,000 bond. She was required to surrender her passport. She can have no contact with any children except her own.

The McDonogh School has prohibited Shattuck from setting foot on campus as well.

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