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Quote of the Day:

“I’m not expecting much of anything governmentally in the next 2 years. It’ll be the same old, same old.”

–ex-CNN talk show host Larry King.

Political consultant has a “horrific nightmare” 

“Went to bed at 9:30. Had a horrific nightmare. Up at midnight. Too tired to do anything but go back to bed. #longestmonthever” — Ellen Carmichael, GOP political consultant and former spokeswoman to Herman Cain.

How a journo deals with a carjacking 

“‘I’m fine, I just need a big drink.’ – camerman after the carjacking.” — ABC’s “Good Morning America.” 

A message for Taylor Swift

“Pssssst…. Taylor Swift, I’m still just gonna listen to Shake it Off on repeat on YouTube. Please take your own advice.” — Stephanie Haberman, head of social media at Sports Illustrated.


“I hope the guy whose coming over doesn’t judge me that I’m in bed watching daytime talk shows.” — Vice writer and editor Mitchell Sunderland.

Rep. Paul Ryan assures a reporter he’s “normal” 

“First of all, I don’t have this really huge ego that some have, where they think, ‘I’m the savior. I’m the guy.’ I don’t think like that,” Ryan says. “Second of all, I’m a normal person who likes being a normal person. Meaning, a normal family, and a normal life, living normally.” — Paul Ryan to National Journal on his non-apsirations to be President of the United States. He then added, “But I know I could do the job.” Read the full story by Tim Alberta here. Noteworthy: Ryan tells Alberta that he will not be in Congress 10 years from now.


“Obviously, I can’t name names, but it’s clear objectivity in the newsroom is something that has to be preserved better than it is right now.” — Jason Howerton, evening editor at TheBlaze.

Jill Abramson on Alesandra Stanley

“And, okay, one review she wrote might have a regrettable or ‘tone deaf’ phrase in it, but you try doing that job! It is tough to be a culture critic at the New York Times, and it’s tough to be a woman in that job…and over time I think Alessandra has become one of the most engaging critics in journalism today.” — ex-NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson on NYT‘s Alessandra Stanley‘s famed column on Scandal’s Shonda Rhimes, as reported by Richard Prince at the Journalism and Women Symposium session. In her column, Alessandra called Rhimes an “angry black woman.”

The Aftermath

@PressSec rules out a ‘large-scale’ post-election public firing of White House staff.” — Washington Examiner‘s Susan Crabtree in reference to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

The Weekly Standard‘s Labash covers ex-brother-in-law’s campaign 

“Though my wife’s sister wound down with Mike two decades ago, he and I have a same-time-next-cycle arrangement, in which we use each quadrennial Election Day to catch up on the families, celebrate public service, and drink until we can’t feel our legs.” — Matt Labash. Read the full story.