Terrorist Mars Confab Of Radical Professors At Swanky Resort [PHOTOS]

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Communist revolutionary terrorist Bill Ayers luxuriated this week at the glitzy Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort as he attended — and spoke at — a four-day conference of radical, far-left academics.

The conference sponsored by the National Association for Multicultural Education is entitled “Dismantling Fronteras through Multicultural Education: Con Comunidad, Cariño y Coraje.” It started Wednesday and ends Sunday.

An intrepid reporter with the Arizona Daily Independent spotted Ayers lounging at the four-star resort.

Ayers, the son of a former CEO of Commonwealth Edison and a co-founder of the Weather Underground, was scheduled to speak on Thursday along with a local teacher. The subject of his talk at the Hilton (NYSE: HLT) resort was “Building Community and Solidarity to Resist Corporate-Driven Education.”

The plush Hilton El Conquistador is located in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, overlooking the barrios of one of America’s poorest metropolitan areas. (RELATED: Radical Professors Gather At Swanky Hilton Resort To Tackle Inequality)

“Conquistador” is a word that means “conqueror” and which specifically refers to the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and parts of South America.

This year’s conference has emphasized “hierarchies,” including “rich over poor” and “citizen over recent arrival.”

“Dismantling fronteras is no easy task,” according to conference organizers, because “strong forces are at play to keep people divided and power in the hands of the privileged few.”

The Hilton El Conquistador provides a relaxing atmosphere to discuss these vexing issues. Perks of the resort include four swimming pools, four restaurants, 45 gorgeous fairways for desert golfing, over 30 tennis courts, a 143-ft. water slide and hot- and cold-jetted tubs.

In addition to talk of battling inequality, attendees also discussed the price points at which publishers were offering their academic publications.

In this photo snapped by the Daily Independent, Ayers appears to be chatting with his brother, Rick Ayers, an obscure professor, and two women. Ayers is facing the camera.

Ayers boys ADI

Though Ayers appears here to be an overweight, unintelligent, foppish dandy, don’t be fooled. In reality, he is also America’s most spectacularly incompetent and failed terrorist.

When Ayers was a leader of the Weather Underground, the group conducted a series of bombings of banks and the United States Capitol, the Pentagon, and some police stations. He was a kingpin during the Days of Rage in 1969, which cost taxpayers in Chicago and the state of Illinois about $183,000. That’s a little over $1.13 million in today’s dollars.

Ayers was also a Weather Underground member in 1970 when three of his incompetent colleagues died in a Greenwich Village townhouse explosion trying to make a nail bomb. Investigators believed the bomb was going to be used at a dance for noncommissioned officers and their dates on an army base in Fort Dix, N.J.

Ayers was reportedly leaving the conference on Friday night.

Users at Trip Advisor rank the “El Conquistador” resort #25 of 128 hotels in the Tucson area. Happy reviewers rave about the “gorgeous” grounds and the “stunning” scenery. Bed linens are “beautifully ironed.” “The sunset evenings from the hot tub” are “spectacular.”

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(Inlaid photos courtesy of the Arizona Daily Independent)