GOP Senator: Executive Amnesty Would Be ‘Pulling The Pin’ Of A ‘Hand Grenade’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Republican Wyoming Senator John Barrasso told host Chris Wallace that if President Barack Obama used an executive order to go around Congress on immigration reform, it would be like pulling the pin of a grenade and throwing it in the discussions.

WALLACE: Let’s talk about the lunch, which you both attended on Friday. Senator Barrasso, how heated was the discussion about the President taking executive action to defer deportations of millions of people illegally in this country? And will that really, as some Republican leaders are suggesting, hurt cooperation on every issue?

BARRASSO: I believe it will hurt cooperation on every issue, Chris. What the President does over the next two months will set the tone for the next two years in Washington. You know, nobody ran for office and won a Senate race based on the President having more executive authority to take executive actions on amnesty or healthcare or on any of those other issues. The american people want us to work together to find solution. I think it would be like the president pulling the pin out of the hand grenade as we’re trying to work together. I hope cooler heads in the White House can prevail on the President to say, ‘Look, if you want a good constructive final two years, don’t do this now…’

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