Dennis Rodman Claims Responsibility For North Korean Release Of American Detainees

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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In complete Dennis Rodman fashion, the former NBA star is taking the credit for North Korea releasing one of two American detainees Saturday, largely in part because of a letter the former NBA star wrote to Kim Jong Un in January.

The country released Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller after the two were held for years in captivity, allegedly for wanting to overthrow the government and espionage, respectively. Rodman wrote a letter in January pleading for Bae’s release, asking the dictator for “mercy,” though he understood “the crimes [Bae] has committed.”

Rodman told TMZ there was no doubt his trips and letter, addressed to his “dear friend for life,” helped secure Bae’s release.

From his letter:

“I write to you saddened because as you know my trips to the DPRK have provided a lot of problems for me and for my career. I would like to come back to the DPRK as soon as possible to discuss the possible release of the American citizen, Kenneth Bae. It will be almost impossible for me to come if my country doesn’t see how compassionate DPRK is.”

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un

Above, Rodman dines with the dictator and his wife in Pyongyang. (Photo: Reuters)

However, Rodman never got a reply, and curiously enough, Rodman had a meltdown during a CNN interview in January when asked if he would push North Korea to release Bae, and implied Bae had committed crimes worthy of his captivity. (RELATED: Dennis Rodman Loses It During CNN Interview)