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Joe Scarborough Gives WaPo A Big Wet Kiss

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Look for more Washington Post reporters to start popping up on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” soon. That, or a plaque on the wall of the Post‘s newsroom with Joe Scarborough‘s mug.

Today Scarborough declared that the Washington Post is now a relevant newspaper again — after decades of, what, wallowing in Loserville? His gushing has interesting timing since today marks the day of Politico‘s first huge redesign since its birth in January, 2007.

“Has anybody else noticed the Washington Post over the last three to six months has become a really vital, vital newspaper,” Scarborough asked with absolute wonder. “I don’t know who is in charge, so I’m not kissing up to anybody.”

Oh, but wait. Ass kissing can still happen. This is when panelist Mike Barnicle piped up to say, “Marty Baron … he is on this and this is now mandatory reading.”

Scarborough continued his sermon on WaPo. “I always would go to the Times, the Wall Street Journal and Politico and sometimes Washington Post,” he said.

And here comes the burn on Politico, where Scarborough has a “blog.”

“I always go to the Washington Post first now and I haven’t said that in decades,” he said. “That’s pretty crazy.”

Yeah, pretty crazy. Take that WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery!

(As some may recall, some months ago, Lowery lectured Scarborough on going to Ferguson instead of questioning his coverage and so-called “arrest” there.)