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CONFLICT: CNN By Day, Dayspring By Night

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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By day, CNN senior publicist Lauren Pratapas is flacking for Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer. But in her not so private life she’s married to National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brad Dayspring and championing the GOP.

Where does a news organization draw the line?

According to a tipster with knowledge of the inner happenings at CNN, multiple employees have complained about Pratapas social media posts that make her a cheerleader for the GOP as she continuously pushes her husband’s conservative agenda. Her own employment history includes working as Director of New Media for Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in the Office of the Majority Whip. So the propensity to promote a GOP agenda comes naturally. But so far, despite the complaints, she has refused to take the pictures down. Sources tell The Mirror that she “seems to be unable to control her personal bias on social media.” The tipster asks, “How does a PR professional not understand branding? She has clear bias.”

Sources inside CNN explain that the social media policy at the network is somewhat vague. It’s don’t put anything on social media that you wouldn’t want to see on TV. In other words, nothing specific about not promoting your spouse’s conservative agenda. Still, others in the TV business explain that pushing one’s personal political views on social media is an obvious no-no.

The Mirror requested comment from Pratapas.

Said one GOP insider who is highly familiar with the couple, “If she didn’t promote him, Brad Day And Night Spring might get upset with her.”



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