Ed Schultz Uses Glenn Beck’s Illness To Push For Obamacare [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Conservative commentator and founder of The Blaze Glenn Beck opened up to his audience Monday, telling of a years-long struggle with a mysterious and devastating illness. Beck was eventually diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder and adrenal fatigue, and credits his faith in God for keeping him going.

So how did MSNBC host Ed Schultz react to this deeply personal revelation? By using it to push Obamacare and universal healthcare. “Beck revealed something very personal on his broadcast in recent days,” Schultz said. “Glenn Beck just added a very important personal note to the nation’s conversation on illness and solutions and where do we go from here.”

Schultz had an answer: Obamacare.

As Glenn Beck suffered excruciating pain, he had access, he had access. And he had opportunity to visit doctors and undergo rounds of testing, he was offered treatment and guidance. Glenn Beck found help, because he could afford it.

The Affordable Care Act, which Republicans hate, [gives] the American people an unprecedented opportunity for care. But Beck telling this story I think is powerful, because it brings us right to the crossroads where this country sits right now: How do you say no to your next-door neighbor because they have pre-existing condition, maybe like Glenn Beck has?

…I’m curious about his motivations for sharing this illness with his viewers and the people that basically are followers of what the guy says and does. I hope that that his story motivates those that think that Obamacare is bad, that maybe they will rethink the situation…

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