‘Game of Thrones’ Creator/Jets Fan: Geno Smith Sucks

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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You might know George R.R. Martin as the creator of the wildly popular “Game of Thrones” franchise.

Turns out Martin is also a huge New York Jets fan, reports TMZ. He frequently blogs about Gang Green on his website, George R.R. Martin Live.

A Nov. 9 blog post makes it abundantly clear that Martin — who cheers for both New York football teams — hates Geno Smith. Despite the Jets’ surprise upset over the Pittsburgh Steelers that same day, Martin bemoaned the dilemma facing his team.

“It is certainly more fun to watch the Jets win than to watch them lose, but if they start racking up victories now, all it will do is ruin their chances of getting a real franchise QB in the draft.  So that’s probably just what they will do, watch and see.”

I feel your pain, George. No one ever wants to see their team tank just for the opportunity of landing a potentially franchise-saving rookie, but there comes a time when you need to bite the bullet and give your fans something to cheer about again. Often times, those highly-touted draft picks never pan out, but at least it gives fans the impression the team is trying to make a change.

I’m looking at you, Atlanta Falcons.

Being a mediocre sports franchise is like giving the fan base a death sentence. At least the worst teams in any league have true fans and none of those bandwagon hoppers. At least Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans get to look forward to a top-3 pick in next year’s draft. But with perennial, middle-of-the-pack underachievers? There’s no spark.

Martin only wants what all sports fans want; the thrill of pulling for an exciting franchise, or at least the opportunity to throw players under the bus when they turn out to be a waste of a first round draft pick.