Katie Holmes Has Never Cooked A Turkey Before

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent

Some would call Katie Holmes a mildly accomplished woman. She was on “Dawson’s Creek” for five years, and made it into a Batman film. She even crawled to number 38 on TV Guide’s “50 Sexiest Stars of All Time” list once. But, sound the alarms, because if you have ever cooked a Thanksgiving meal before, it turns out you are more accomplished than her — because Katie Holmes has never cooked a turkey before.

Look, it makes sense. Holmes is a celebrity who makes millions and lives in a house like this.

Katie Holmes buys mansion

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She probably has a personal chef. But still, even on Thanksgiving, and during all her 35 years of living, Katie Holmes has never roasted, basted, or carved a damn turkey?

In an interview with David Letterman, Holmes revealed her plan to ascend down to the real world and finally cook a Thanksgiving meal.

“I’m very excited because I’m the baby of five, and I’ve been using that for a long time, but this year I’m taking responsibility and my mother’s going to teach me how to make a turkey,” Holmes said.

“I am going to pull the gizzards out.”

Yes, the gizzards. 

Letterman asked her if she is going to roast her turkey.

“Well I don’t know, is that what you do?”

Poor Suri.

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(Photo: Splash News)

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