Mark Steyn: Ben Stein’s ‘Self-Defeating Blacks’ Comments Were ‘Exactly Right’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on Newsmax’s “Steve Malzberg Show,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn defended conservative author Ben Stein as “exactly right,” after his comments that America’s biggest race problem was “pathetic, self-defeating black underclass” were criticized online and on CNN.

“…The reaction of CNN to what Ben Stein said to you is fascinating, because that is the characteristically stupid parameters in which we are allowed to talk about race. Eric Holder and everyone is always pawing for national conversations on race, by which they mean people like [CNN host] Erin Burnett get to beat up on anyone who actually says anything honest or truthful or refreshing or anything that does not prostrate itself before the pack of the usual grievance-mongers like the disgusting Al Sharpton and the disgusting Jesse Jackson.

We have a stupid political discourse in this country. And one of the reasons it’s stupid is because we spend so much time on these phony racism conversations such as that held on CNN. If you take all the space on CNN or MSNBC that is devoted to racism and you just go to the other side of the world and switch on the television there, all that space that they spend talking, essentially prostrating themselves, kissing Al Sharpton’s ring, other countries spend talking about other things…

Ben Stein is absolutely right. The collapse of the American family, the black American family, basically at the hands of the Great Society is one of the great tragedies of all time. And this idea that somehow you’re not allowed to talk about it, you’re not allowed to mention that, you’re not allowed to go on about black kids being raised in fatherless homes that severely impact their opportunities in life, because it’s somehow offensive to the official version peddled by the NAACP or whatever, enough [of] that!”

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