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Texas HS English Teacher To ‘Crackers,’ Regarding Ferguson: ‘Kill Yourselves’

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As we all know, it’s impossible to be racist against white people because white people are all racists. This is why I know that a brave Texas teacher named Vinita Hegwood will prevail in her battle against the white race.


A Texas teacher who posted a profanity-filled tweet over the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. — telling those who disagreed with her to “kill themselves” — is being fired, school officials said Monday.

Vinita Hegwood, an English teacher at Duncanville High School, was suspended without pay Monday pending her discharge after posting a “reprehensible” message on her personal Twitter account, according to the Duncanville Independent School District.

Here it is. Be warned: It contains truths that your honky ass probably can’t handle.


She’s being suspended for that? Why, just because she works with high school students? They’ve got to learn sooner or later that white people are evil.

Not only is Hegwood a woman, she’s an African-American. Why is she being held accountable for her righteous indignation toward her oppressors?

Here’s the Duncanville, TX school district’s press conference announcing Hegwood’s suspension:

Notice anything interesting about that woman? Such as, um… her skin color??

You’re all on notice, crackers. First you executed a gentle giant for the color of his skin, and now you’re oppressing a strong black woman who’s not afraid to tell the truth about your duck asses:

They’re dumb.

Now #KillYourselves. And #FreeVinitaHegwood!

(Hat tip: the indispensable Twitchy)

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