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Breitbart Mistake Man Shakes Off Haters

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Breitbart contributor Warner Todd Huston must be listening to a lot of Taylor Swift.

He has really made a name for himself this week. Namely, as the guy who’s gaining recognition for exposing Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch as the lawyer who helped defend then-President Bill Clinton in the Whitewater scandal. Except that Loretta Lynch was white. The AG nominee is black and had nothing to do with Whitewater.

On Tuesday night, Huston’s handiwork was featured on “The Colbert Report.” Stephen Colbert gave Breitbart a “tip of the hat” for having the balls to write a false story and then stand behind it (albeit a teensy correction at the bottom of the story). The story was ultimately taken off the site, but lived on in a story by Breitbart‘s Joel Pollak, who had to add a correction to his story, too.

Huston is like Honey Badger — he doesn’t give a shit. He’s forging on. He’s shaking off his haters.

What’s his reaction to all the negative attention?