‘ESPN Loves Killing Kids’: Comedy Central Host Tears Into Lame Duck ESPN [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Since their move to a new Los Angeles studio, ESPN’s content has become increasingly unoriginal and frustrating for fans to watch.

Finally, someone mustered up the courage to call out ESPN over the garbage they’ve been producing. Unfortunately, that man was Comedy Central funny-man/arrogant prick Daniel Tosh, but it takes one to know one, I guess.

According to Tosh, ESPN straight-up stole his “Web Redemption” bit, and he decided to copy their “Sports Science” segment as retaliation.


DAYYUMMMNNN! Gloves are off.

He could’ve easily made this segment about one of ESPN’s numerous flaws, but he decided to hit on everything: the LeBron obsession, the over-politicization of sports and the daily gaffes from athletes turned contributors all make an appearance in the video.

Tosh even blasted ESPN’s 12-year, $5 billion deal to cover the college football playoffs.

Hopefully the Comedy Central host is prepared for war, because once you claim that the largest sports network on the planet “loves killing kids,” there’s no going back.