Landrieu Begs The House To Vote On Her Opponent’s Pro-Keystone Bill

Ben Smith Contributor
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Drama exploded in the Senate Wednesday as Lousiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu spoke on the Senate floor demanding that the House and Senate move on the Keystone XL Pipeline. The speech came as a shock to many.

Before Landrieu came to the floor, reporters were alerted to trouble brewing in the caucus as Landrieu attempted to dodge New York Sen. Chuck Schumer. Washington Post reporter Robert Costa tweeted the awkward exchange.




Immediately after the exchange, Landrieu made her impassioned speech on the Senate floor, begging Senate leadership to move forward and have a vote the next day. The Republican-led House agreed.

The only problem with the agreement is that Rep. Bill Cassidy, whom Landrieu is facing in a Dec. 6 runoff, sponsors the bill being pushed. After Landrieu’s support became evident, House Republican leadership decided to expedite the bill, hoping to bolster Cassidy, according to Roll Call.