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Stephen Colbert Salutes Breitbart For F&%ked Up Loretta Lynch Story

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A “tip of the hat” went out to Breitbart News Tuesday night from comedian Stephen Colbert for the site’s almost awe-inspiring blunder about Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch. They tried to expose her as the white Loretta Lynch who represented Bill Clinton in the 1992 Whitewater scandal. Turns out: Different white Loretta Lynch.

Colbert picked on Todd Huston, the Breitbart contributor who wrote the story. He had a wide range of nicknames for him that included Wilford Brimley and “Walrus Man” for his distinctive mustache.

jyRNXkDW_400x400“Wilford Brimley tribute head blew the lid off the scandal that Lynch was a part of Bill Clinton’s whitewater probe defense team in 1992,” Colbert cracked. “…This bombshell destroys her credibility to be Attorney General [PAUSE] if it were true. Turns out Teddy Roosevelt here had the wrong Loretta Lynch.”

Flashing side-by-side photos of the black and white Loretta Lynches, Colbert continued, “There is just no way to tell these two women apart. …But as soon as Walrus Man noticed the mistake, Breitbart issued a correction by leaving up the same headline and adding the word ‘corrected.'”

From there, explained Colbert, it’s the exact same article about how Obama’s Loretta Lynch defended the Clintons until you get to the bottom.

Colbert gave Breitbart an award of sorts and remarked on their incredible determination.

“So I’m givng a tip of the hat to Breitbart for breaking this news, finding out it’s broken, but sticking with the story anyway,” he said. “Because no matter who she actually is, I still stand against the nomination of Loretta Lynch. I just don’t think a coal miner’s daughter has any place as Attorney General. Plus, why isn’t anyone talking about the time she stole Christmas? It’s scandalous. So I salute Breitbart for not taking down a headline you know is false. You are craven political hatchet men.”

At this point, someone informed Colbert that Breitbart had actually taken the whole catastrophe of a post down. “Oh they eventually took it down?” he asked. “Oh, my apologies. They are craven political hatchet men [PAUSE] (corrected).”

Sources tell The Mirror that journalists working for Breitbart are absolutely mortified this happened and feel that it reflects badly on them all. It’s still unclear which editor cleared the story for publishing.