BIAS: CNN Host Says Sen. Inhofe Believes God Opposes China Climate Deal [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Chris Cuomo, host of CNN’s low-rated “New Day” morning show, interviewed EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Thursday morning about the climate deal struck by President Barack Obama with China. One question Cuomo asked stuck out.

“Even if you get around the Sen. [James] Inhofe problem,” Cuomo asked, “which is that it’s a hoax and that God doesn’t want us to do this. Then you get to the Senate majority leader. I know the president doesn’t need the Senate to pass this deal, however, Mitch McConnell saying ‘economically this will kill us and I’m not gonna let it happen.’ Now what?”


Sen. Inhofe is in line to become chairman of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, and has been a vocal critic of global warming and the lack of scientific proof behind the push for economic regulations.

[h/t Charlie Spiering]