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CNN’s Jay Carney Steals Wolf Blitzer’s Beard

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN baby face contributor Jay Carney looks like it’d take him months to grow a beard. On Thursday afternoon he unveiled what appears to be the beginning stages of his somewhat dirtier look on Jake Tapper‘s “The Lead.” At the tail end of his segment, Wolf Blitzer showed up.

Blitzer asked, “Is that a new beard? What’s up with that?”

Contributor Ana Navarro, also on the program today, jumped in with, “It’s the winter look.”

Carney glanced in Wolf’s direction and replied, “He stole my glasses, I stole his beard.”

It is, without a 5′ o’clock shadow of a doubt, an interesting grooming choice. And it’s not the first time Carney has gone this route — in January, he debuted a full beard, which, according to the New York Daily News, prompted “gasps” from White House reporters. It also spurred a Scooby Doo casting call.





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