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Roll Call reporter becomes Texas Tribune D.C. Bureau Chief

“After 3 very happy years at Roll Call, I’ve accepted the position as the first Texas Tribune Washington bureau chief.” — Abby Livingston.
And yes, even though I am joining @TexasTribune, I will still be playing softball.”

On Nancy Pelosi and her age (which is 74) 

“Pelosi on her age and leadership: ‘It’s interesting how many times that question is asked of a woman and not of Mitch McConnell.'” — HuffPost‘s Sabrina Siddiqui.

More on Pelosi…

“Sometimes I think @NancyPelosi is secretly from the South. On registration drives: ‘If they want to register Republican, god bless them.'” — Ginger Gibson, senior political reporter, The International Business Times.

No sympathy for Valerie Jarrett

“DAMSEL IN DISTRESS! “Valerie Jarrett, facing criticism, suggests sexism at play.” — conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. The backstory here is that Politico mag wrote a story on Jarrett saying it was time for her to get the axe. In it, the author, Carol Felsenthal, said Jarrett should hang out in the East Wing with Michelle Obama.

Journo misses celebratory cupcakes for trip to dentist 

“The newsroom is having cupcakes that I’m missing to go to the dentist. Is that ironic or coincidental?” — Politico‘s Leigh Munsil on the day that Politico was celebrating its redesign.


Thank You For Sharing: Sirius XM’s Julie Mason has a fan club 

“Hi Julie – I wandered across your show on satellite the other day. I noticed you are highly skilled at liberal technique – you have the smark and sarcasm and the mindless laugh that occurs when ever a topic or person is mentioned that conflicts with left wing ideology. I guess the laugh is to inform us you are soooo much smarter than those on the other side of issues and it’s not even necessary to explain why lib policy is superior.. just like you are right?…… Mike”

She also got this: “When are you going to announce your new position at Fox News?”

A Question From Politico‘s Mike Allen: “What can be done to raise voter turnout?”

NBC’s Chuck Todd crowdsources for healthcare segments 

“Brainstorming a few segments on health care but I’d love some input from you guys no matter your POV. What would you like to see focused on regarding the issue? What do you think is over covered and under covered? Who are the smartest supporters and critics of the law that we don’t pay enough attention to in DC? All ideas welcomed.” — Todd on Facebook.

BuzzFeed‘s Chris Geidner and NYT‘s Josh Barro wear Perry Ellis for Out‘s 100 list

(Along with NYT‘s Sewell Chan and author Masha Gessen)

They all had a “stylist” and a “groomer.”