Barney Frank Creates A Scene At Massachusetts Charity Event

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Former Democratic Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank caused quite the scene at the 40th anniversary gala of the Massachusetts Humanities Council, when he started screaming at a fellow politician, according to the Boston Herald’s Gayle Fee.

Frank was seated next to incoming Democratic majority leader of the Massachusetts Senate Stanley Rosenberg. Rosenberg was also the man in charge of Massachusetts redistricting following the 2010 census, redistricting that made Frank’s district more conservative and saw him resign rather than fight a tough reelection fight.

“He didn’t say hello, how are you, congratulations, nothing,” says Fee’s source. “He just started screaming at him. It was very ugly.” Frank reportedly argued that Rosenberg should have done more to protect his seat, given his seniority, and that he had instead taken steps to protect then-Democratic Congressmen Ed Markey and Steve Lynch.

Fee notes that Rosenberg’s friends were especially upset given that Rosenberg “had been hospitalized twice during the redistricting process for treatment of squamous cell carcinoma, but that apparently earned him no sympathy vote from [Frank]!”

Eventually, gala organizers were forced to move Rosenberg and his partner to another table. That’s right, the guy who didn’t start screaming had to move.

[h/t Boston Herald]

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