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Congratulations, Feminists: You Got The Comet-Landing Scientist With The Ugly Shirt To Cry On Camera

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That’s what this tool of the patriarchy gets for wearing an item of clothing that did not meet with your exacting standards, girls. Sure, he landed a goddamn space probe on a freaking comet, but in doing so, he angered you even more than usual. How dare he?

Revel in his humiliation, womyn.

So there’s his “apology,” if you want to call it that, complete with fake tears and EastEnders-level acting. You can accept it if you want, ladies, or you can make him keep groveling. Just because he made human history this week doesn’t exempt him from your righteous fury. Courtesy of my pal Zoey, who sums the whole thing up:

P.S. Glenn Reynolds: “Just to be clear, Rose Eveleth of The Atlantic is a horrible person, who took what should have been one of the best days of a man’s life, a day of doing something no human beings had ever done before, and ruined it in order to feel important. She should be apologizing, not taking Twitter victory laps.

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