Kai Lenny Shreds Hawaii Waves With Jet-Powered Surfboard

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Since the dawn of time, surf bros have searched for the biggest waves to shred but have been limited to waves that they can paddle on.

While the “jet ski towi-in” made it easier for surfers to risk their lives in pursuit the monster wave, world-renowned big-wave surfer Kai Lenny took that ish to the next level on Wednesday.

Lenny busted out his “Jetsurf” — which is exactly what it sounds like — in order to tackle “Jaws,” one of the world’s deadliest breaks.


So smooth.

This isn’t the first time “Jaws” has been conquered, but never has it been handled so effortlessly. Let’s also take note that, until Wednesday, Lenny’s motorized surfboard had basically never been tested. That took some serious stones.

Hopefully the Jetsurf will allow surfers worldwide to “ride the barrel and get pitted. So pitted.”