Liberal Blowhard: Glenn Beck Revealed Illness For ‘Attention’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter

Liberal commentator and MSNBC-reject Cenk Uygur dedicated a segment of his online “The Young Turks” commentary program to his theory that when Glenn Beck gave a personal revelation about how he’s suffered from a rare and mysterious neurological disorder for the past five years, he was actually just looking for attention. (RELATED: Ed Schultz Uses Glenn Beck’s Illness To Push For Obamacare [VIDEO])

“Glenn Beck recently came out on his own show and pretty much admitted he was crazy,” Uygur began. Throughout the segment he continually referred to Beck as having admitted to being crazy, despite Beck actually saying his disorder “make me look like I was crazy.”

Uygur said he found Beck’s claims “questionable” and was more explicit at one point: “Let me be on the record here: not buying it.” (RELATED: Cool Kid Cenk Uygur Announces To World: ‘I’m Wasted’)

The real reason Beck was making this announcement, according to Uygur, was to get attention. “He’s been going on a series of these little rants… to get more attention. Like, ‘Oh my god, how do I get attention? When I say crazy conservative stuff, people don’t pay attention to me. So I have to go over-the-top. I have to do things like say ‘OK you were right, I was crazy.’’”

The underlying need for this attention was finances, he claimed, saying Beck would go “bankrupt.” But as Mediaite’s Matt Wilstein points out, Beck makes an estimated $90 million a year.

But don’t worry, Uygur did feel bad for Beck. “As a progressive, I genuinely feel bad for him, even though I shouldn’t, because he’s caused so much damage in the world, right?” Heartwarming. (RELATED: Glenn Beck Responds To Ed Schultz’ Exploitation Of His Illness)

Oh by the way, how did Beck respond when Cenk Uygur gave his version of events after being fired from MSNBC? He backed him up.

You can watch the video below, but each click puts money in Uygur’s pocket. So don’t.

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