Put Another On The Board? GOP’s Cassidy Opens Up 16-Point Lead Over Landrieu

Al Weaver Reporter
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With about three weeks to go, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s (DSCC) decision to pull funding from the Louisiana Senate runoff is looking like a wise decision.

According to new polling, Mary Landrieu, the incumbent senator, is currently down 16 points (56.6-40.5) to Republican Bill Cassidy just 10 days after beating the Louisiana congressman 43-42 in the state’s “jungle” primary.

The poll, commissioned by the GOP nominee’s campaign, was conducted by Magellen Strategies.

While Landrieu won the state’s primary on election day by a single point, the GOP nominee’s poll numbers have strengthened thanks to the support of Rob Maness, the tea party candidate who pulled 14 percent of the vote on election day.

Maness endorsed Cassidy following the election, showing unity between the two factions of the Republican Party, which have been warring throughout the election season.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee wrote off Landrieu’s chances last week, having cancelled many of their ad buys in the state aiding the incumbent, even though the DSCC claims they still “support her 100 percent.” (RELATED: Democrats Write Off Landrieu, Cancel Ad Buys In Louisiana)

According to The Daily Mail, super PAC’s are following the DSCC’s lead as none are currently putting up ads supporting the Democrat.

To make matters worse, even MSNBC is wondering if she is a “lost cause,” as political correspondent Kasie Hunt posed that question to Landrieu during a press conference Thursday. (RELATED: MSNBC Asks Landrieu “Are You A Lost Cause?”)

Landrieu held the press conference supporting a vote on the Keystone XL pipeline in a last ditch effort to keep her seat before Congress goes home for the holidays. Approval of the Keystone pipeline is a popular position in the Bayou State, where the oil and gas industry is extremely prevalent.

Even though the Democrat pushed for the vote, which Congress will take up,  the House bill is being sponsored by her opponent, Cassidy, also a major proponent of the pipeline.