Video Provides First Glimpse Of Darren Wilson At Police Station After Michael Brown Shooting [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Surveillance footage and police dispatch recordings released Friday provides the first glimpse at the moments before and after Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown on Aug. 9.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch obtained the records from Ferguson police department through an open records request.

The surveillance footage shows Wilson on the way to the hospital two hours after the shooting. According to the Post-Dispatch he was being escorted by a police union attorney and several fellow officers. Wilson is seen wearing a white t-shirt. It is not clear from the grainy footage whether his face bears injuries.

Wilson claims Brown punched him in the face following a verbal altercation in the middle of the street in the St. Louis suburb. The 28-year-old Wilson fired his service weapon inside of his police cruiser during the struggle. Brown ran, and Wilson gave chase while firing more shots. Wilson claims he fired several fatal shots at Brown after the 18 year old turned around and began moving towards him.

Some witnesses claim Brown was surrendering when Wilson fired the final shots.

Wilson’s trip to the hospital lasted approximately two-and-a-half hours.



Dispatch radio chatter indicates the entire incident unfolded in less than 90 seconds.

Wilson responded at 11:47 a.m. to a call about a 2-year-old experiencing breathing problems.

At 11:53 a.m., the dispatcher reported a “stealing in progress.” About 20 seconds later, the dispatcher said a black male wearing a white t-shirt was running from the store after having stolen a box of cigars. That turned out to be Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson. Four minutes after that, the dispatcher provided a description of a man who turned out to be Brown.

At 12:02 p.m. Wilson called for backup. He has reportedly claimed he initially spotted Brown and Johnson walking in the middle of the street. After asking them to move, he began to drive away, at which point he realized the two matched the description of the suspects in the convenience store robbery. Video surveillance from the store showed that Brown had shoved the store owner as he made off with the cigars.

Over the course of the next few minutes following the shooting, other officers arrived at the scene.

Tension apparently began to escalate almost immediately.

“Get us several more units over here,” an unidentified officer said over the radio. “There’s gonna be a problem.”

A St. Louis County grand jury is reportedly nearing a decision on whether or not to charge Wilson in the shooting death.

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