Chris Matthews: Obama May Veto Keystone XL Now, But ‘It Will Happen’ Eventually [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Despite a probable veto against the passage of the Keystone XL pipeline from President Barack Obama, MSNBC host Chris Matthews believes the pipeline will be passed at some point regardless of the impending executive veto this time.

Keystone has been back in the news over the past week as Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu continues her week-long push for a vote on the pipeline in the Senate to aid her reelection chances on Dec. 6 against GOP nominee Bill Cassidy.

Matthews, the host of “Hardball,” made the comments on “Meet The Press” Sunday morning.

“I think this time around he’ll veto it. But it’s going to come back time and time again,” Matthews said.

“Is it a mistake for him to veto it?” host Chuck Todd asked.

“Well he may feel he has to do it for his environmental supporters but it’s not going to stop it,” Matthews explained. “It’s going to happen. It will happen. It’ll happen either this year, or next year, or after that because the country wants jobs and energy is always a primary concern of the American people.”

“Look where the electorate, who is the swing electorate? Working class whites. These are the people that Hillary Clinton will want. The Republicans will want,” added Matthews. “These people are going to be for jobs like this. He said there are nothing in this for people like us. There are jobs in it. And that’s what the American people look at. Energy. Jobs.”