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“I think if they drank together more often they could do much better.”

Nicolle Wallace on The View regarding politicians and immigration reform. Co-host Rosie Perez remarked, “That’s so sad!”

HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ shows off lots of pubs but not Politico

“And @BuzzFeed, @DailyCaller and @Mediaite shown on computer screens in this episode of ‘The Newsroom.'” — TheBlazeOliver Darcy.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper lashes out at stupid media 

“For those publications dumb enough to think I canceled the Christmas party for my co-workers because of the candle prank, you are morons.” — Anderson Cooper. The backstory is that last week he had a segment on The Ridiculist in which he reported that some members of his staff told him that his fancy basil candles stunk. Cooper added, “At at said party, there will be tons of candles!”

Happy Birthday to… Washingtonian media reporter Harry Jaffe.

MOST AWKARD RADIO HIT OF THE WEEKEND: Bill Cosby goes dead silent on NPR regarding rape allegations

“Cosby appeared on NPR’s Weekend Edition this morning to discuss an unrelated topic. When host Scott Simon asked him to comment on the allegations, Cosby said….nothing. (Simon had to tell the audience that Cosby was shaking his head). When Simon tried a second time, there was complete silence once again. When Simon tried a third time, still nothing.” — Brad Phillips, a.k.a. Mr. Media Training, who wrote about the moment on Saturday night.

Australian anchor wears same blue suit for a year to make a point. Question: Didn’t it start to stink? See the AP story here.

Children in the newsroom? 

“A group of children just walked by my desk on a tour and were very excited about my big bird mask on my desk…thank you 2012 memes.” — Politico media writer Hadas Gold.

FNC’s Juan Williams: Liberal media is encouraging Ferguson riots

“Throughout this sad affair the mainstream media’s coverage has been self-involved – pitting reporters against police and celebrating people who came from far outside Ferguson to get their moment of TV attention. It is the job of the media to report the news and separate the hysteria from the facts. Now newspapers and broadcast outlets are effectively egging on the agitators and tacitly nudging the protesters towards riots by creating an expectation of riots.” — FNC’s liberal pundit Juan Williams in an opinion piece published Friday on


SpottedTerence Shepherd, news director at WLRN-Miami Herald at Bethesda Fine Art over the weekend where his uncle, Kenneth Victor Young, was displaying his gorgeous, colorful artwork. During the course of the evening, Shepherd remarked that he related to the moody painting. See an iPhone rendition of one of the paintings above, which was once displayed in Paris. The paintings, by the way, are on sale. They range in price from $14,000 to $28,000. Asked if he was enjoying his art show, Young deadpanned, “no.” Asked if he would give his many relatives in attendance a discount on the paintings, he also said, “no.”