Orrin Hatch: Progressives Are ‘Just Straight Old Dumbass Liberals’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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While the term “progressive” has been used ever-so increasingly by those on the left, Sen. Orrin Hatch is not terribly fond of the word.

At a speaking engagement, the Utah Senator remarked that progressives are “just straight old dumbass liberals,” noting he gets “a big kick” out of liberals who use the term.

The GOP Senator made the remarks to the 2014 Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention last Friday.

“The American people went to the polls last week and delivered a decisive blow to President Obama and his progressive agenda,” Hatch said.

“I get a big kick out of them using the word progressive. My gosh, they’re just straight old dumbass liberals anyway,” Hatch said as the audience erupted in laughter.

WATCH (Starts at 8:50):

[h/t: RCP]