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Grubergate Explained

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It’s only been a week since Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare’s one-man wrecking crew, started sweating his gonads off. Almost every day, somebody uncovers yet another Gruber soundbite about how lying in service of Obamacare is awesome, and if you believed any of it, you’re dumb. For this service and his other forms of fraud, the feds and several states have thrown millions of dollars at Gruber.

The fine folks at American Commitment* have collected everything you need to know about Gruber and his former pals, who now hate him for telling the truth about lying:

It’s fun to watch Obama bristle when questioned about his ridiculous lies. It makes him so angry that people don’t believe him, or at least pretend to believe him. Why won’t you shut up, America? Just because he lies about everything all the time, that doesn’t mean you get to keep pointing out that he lies about everything all the time.

Everybody just zip it and let him do what he wants! Stop dragging reality into it, you teabaggers.

*KOCH BROTHERS, KOCH BROTHERS, AAAAAARGGGHHHH!!! There. Saved you any further hyperventilation, lefties.