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Quote of the Day:

“I am going to speak as the son of a comedian as opposed a journalist. I think For the rest of his working career, Mr. Cosby will never have a problem getting a standing ovation in Erie, Pennsylvania, but I think it’s going to be very awkward for NBC to put on that sitcom. Can you imagine the press tour?”

— NPR’s Scott Simon, who asked Bill Cosby about rape allegations over the weekend and received an answer of complete silence. He appeared on CNN Monday night to talk about it.


“I am watching the latest episode of #TheNewsroom on DVR but I don’t know why.” — Garrett Quinn, who covers politics and casinos for MassLiveNews.

A terrible news report…

“British ITV reports that mosques in Gaza used loudspeakers to call out congratulations following this morning’s Jerusalem synagogue attack.” — Avi Mayer, who self-describes as “just some guy living in Israel.”

Irony is…

“A NYC mayor who put his family at center of campaign as never before just told press that it has run afoul of covering families.” — Michael Barbaro, political reporter, NYT.

Blake Shelton compares The Voice to the damn Price Is Right

“I can’t imagine…doing this forever. I mean, at some point you gotta get back to…having a life…I don’t want to stop anytime soon, but this show is like the damn — it’s like being on the damn Price Is Right, being on The Voice. I mean, it’s on every single night of the damn week every day of the year…So probably not forever, but I don’t know, not quittin’ anytime soon.” — Blake Shelton on returning to “The Voice,” as told to BuzzFeed Brews. The site’s deputy entertainment editor Jaimie Etkin interviewed the coaches of Season 7 Monday night.

Quote Taken Completely Out Of Context

“Need this in my mouth!!” — Entertainment blogger Perez Hilton.

Please tell me this isn’t a thing

“I just joined the Mile High Club for people who tweet on the toilet.” — late night talk show host Conan O’Brien.

Journo wants reality show chef to get herpes

“Aaron is the most annoying chef on Top Chef. I wish he had one leg tied to one bull & another leg tied to another bull & then got herpes.” — Mother Jones Engagement Editor Ben Dreyfuss in a recent tweet.

On eating Oreos…

“I started eating oreos and now I’ve got ‘proud to be an american’ stuck in my head. Some sorcery going on here.” — Libby Watson, who has been a researcher for Media Matters. Her bio, however, no longer lists MMFA.

Question for us all to ponder: “If you caption a selfie with ‘I usually never post selfies,’ what personality disorder is that?” — Molly Mulshine, style reporter, New York Observer. She also wrote, “Oreos, man… the realest shit.”

Is Dave Weigel in a perpetual dream state? 

“Heading to the weekly House Republican conference meetings, where Jaden and Willow Smith will address incoming congressmen.” — Bloomberg‘s Dave Weigel. And this… “Yesterday I dreamed that it was November 2014 and we argued about what Hillary’s 2016 electoral map would look like.” All of this is from THIS MORNING.

PRAISE THE LORD: WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery is back in Ferguson 

Jerry Maine (a Twitter user): “@WesleyLowery accepts that protestors are dangerous and need to be controlled… Gross.”

Wesley Lowery: “Anyone who reads my tweet in context (or any of my ferguson coverage) knows how absurd Jerry’s suggestion is.”