Tony Hawk Rode A REAL Hoverboard [VIDEO]

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After breaking skaters’ hearts by starring in a fake ad for a hoverboard earlier this year, Tony Hawk made amends with fans this week by taking a ride on the real thing.

Silicon Valley startup Arx Pax launched the world’s first real hoverboard on Kickstarter last month, showcasing a video of a board fixed with four magnet-based hover engines that levitate an inch above the ground over a special surface. At the time the project founders were asking for $250,000 to take the “Hendo” into production. So far, it’s raised more than $450,000. (VIDEO: Kickstarter Project Invents REAL HOVERBOARD For Real This Time)

Excitement over the board reached a new height this week when skateboard legend and infamous hover hoaxer Tony Hawk stepped into the Arx Pax warehouse and onto the Hendo for its first professional ride.


Ride Channel writer Dave Carnie accompanied Hawk to the warehouse, where Hendo co-creator Greg Henderson told Hawk he could help promote the hoverboard.

“It can’t be me,” Hawk said. “Nobody believes me anymore. I’m the boy who cried hoverboard.” (RELATED: The ‘Real Hoverboard’ Hoax Revealed)

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