Gruber Makes His First Appearance In A Political Ad [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Call it getting Grubered.

A new political ad has come out tying Louisiana U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu to embattled MIT economist Jonathan Gruber.

“Senator Mary Landrieu sold Obamacare to us the Washington way, with false promises and deception. And Obamacare’s chief architect admits it,” begins the Freedom Partners Action Fund entitled “Deception,” which was published on Wednesday.

Landrieu faces Republican Bill Cassidy in a Dec. 6 run-off.

“Lack of transparency…the stupidity of the American voter,” the ad quotes Gruber, “that was really critical to getting the thing to pass.”

Comments made by Gruber, considered to be a key adviser on Obamacare, have surfaced recently showing him saying that Obamacare was passed by tricking American voters.

“And Mary Landrieu says she would still vote for Obamacare again,” the Freedom Partners ad concludes.

Landrieu, a three-term incumbent, faced a huge setback on Tuesday after a hard push she began last week to convince enough Democrats to vote in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline went down in flames. The 59-41 vote fell one vote short of the total needed to avoid a filibuster.

There were indications that Landrieu was all but finished after the Democratic party decided soon after the Nov. 4 general election to cut off funds for the rest of the stretch.

A poll released Wednesday by Vox Populi found that Cassidy leads Landrieu 53 percent to 42 percent.


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