Taxpayers Billed $358k For Obama To Attend MSNBC Host’s Wedding

Al Weaver Reporter
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Congratulations everyone, you paid for President Barack Obama to attend an MSNBC host’s wedding.

Obama ran up a $358,490.90 bill to attend liberal MSNBC host Alex Wagner’s wedding, according to Judicial Watch(RELATED: Thanks, taxpayers! Globetrotting Michelle Obama announces luxurious vacation to China)

Wagner married Sam Kass, the White House chef and senior adviser for nutrition policy, who is a friend of the Obama’s.

U.S. taxpayers picked up the $1.5 million tab for Obama’s Labor Day weekend excursions, which included a $537k trip on the fundraising circuit and a $653k trip to Wisconsin for “Laborfest 2014,” according to the report.

After fundraising the day before the wedding in Westchester, N.Y., Obama made the quick jaunt back to Washington, D.C. to “spend the night in his own bed” before returning for the MSNBC wedding, running up $295k in additional expenses, per the Judicial Watch report.