White House: We Can’t Give Details Of Obama’s Immigration Plan

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that he can not provide details of Obama’s planned executive action.

“I can once the proposal is laid out,” Earnest said when asked at a press conference Wednesday afternoon when he can provide details of Obama’s immigration proposal.

Obama is expected to announce an immigration executive order before the end of this week. Although the administration has focused its talking point on a plan to grant work permits to an estimated three to four million people immediately among other reforms, the actual details of the plan have never been confirmed. Senate Democratic leaders signed off on executive amnesty in a letter to Obama this week.

The White House said yesterday that it will only release legal justification for Obama’s executive action after he announces it.

Earnest also stressed that he hopes Republicans can still work together with Obama on passing an immigration bill.

Speaker John Boehner’s office publicized information Wednesday making it clear that he believes the White House has already said repeatedly that there is no legal justification.

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