Insensitive ESPN Reporter Exploits FSU Tragedy To Mock Jameis Winston

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Tragedy struck Florida State’s campus early Thursday morning.

A gunman walked into Strozier Library and shot three students before being taken out by Tallahassee police. Photos from Florida State’s twitter page documented the pandemonium within.

Any sensible human being would keep their mouth shut except to pray for the victims of this tragedy. However, Twitter once again provided humanity the opportunity to do something really, really stupid, reports BroBible

That stupid something took the form of a Tweet from Marissa Martin, a reporter for ESPN’s Campus Connection. Martin exploited this horrible event to take a jab at FSU star QB Jameis Winston.


Martin deactivated her personal account after an unholy, Twitter-storm blasted her bone-headed blunder. Crisis averted, right? She couldn’t possibly do anything to make this worse, right?

Martin, via the Campus Connection Twitter handle, claimed her account had been hacked, as if people would actually buy that.


It’s one thing to make an incredibly insensitive joke, but lying to cover your ass when it doesn’t go over well is downright cowardly.

There’s a time and place for jokes, and it was pretty apparent that this was not one of them.