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The Washington Times Has Some Serious Balls

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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This takes absurdity to a new level.

Check out this headline in today’s edition of The Washington Times:

“Vermont Yankee makes pending layoffs official.”

Takes some real cheek for TWT Editor AND Veep of Business and Development John Solomon to publish that AP headline while stubbornly refusing to make TWT‘s latest spate of layoffs public or official, not even within the news organization.

And really, stop the presses! Does anyone in Washington care about layoffs at a nuclear plant in Vermont? Explains a TWT insider, “This is the kind of wire-service filler Solomon is stuffing TWT with since he has dwindling staff to produce its own original content.”

The Mirror once again sought comment from Solomon on the current TWT layoffs. So far, radio silence.

Turns out, TWT has some real expertise in layoff reporting — just not their own.

Here’s a short list:

TWT ran this story about Shopko Stores (ever heard of it?) layoffs in Indiana yesterday:

TWT ran this story about BAE layoffs in Texas on Nov 6:

TWT ran this story about Summa Health Systems (hey this is my hometown!) layoffs in Ohio on Nov 5:

TWT ran this story about Novartis layoffs in Nebraska on Oct 30:

Did you know that a coal mine in Colorado had layoffs recently?

TWT ran a story about the job losses in North Fork on Oct 31.

(Love that name North Fork–obviously a place on everyone’s mind in the nation’s capital.)

The list goes on and on.