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World’s Cutest Panda Loves The Snow!

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Got a case of the winter blahs already? Is living in Utopia getting you down? Just plain bummed?Then you know what time it is: It’s Panda Time!!!

Toronto Star:

As the heavens clouded over on Monday morning, dumping heavy, wet snow across the GTA, Da Mao decided to celebrate.

The Toronto Zoo’s male giant panda tumbled and pawed at the fresh snow piling up around him…

Snow may be good for “bear-bogganing” — as the Toronto Zoo calls it — but Da Mao also seemed to think it made a nice morning snack: he can be seen scooping snow into his paws before gnawing on the packed snowflakes.

Awwwwwwww. Just look at this handsome guy!

If there’s anything better than a big cuddly panda frolicking in the snow, I sure don’t want to know about it. Let’s hear it for nature’s perfect mammal: the panda!

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Jim Treacher