Ben Carson: Obama ‘Very Much Like Putin’ With Executive Amnesty [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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One day after President Barack Obama announced his plan for executive action on immigration, potential GOP candidate Ben Carson compared the president’s actions to those of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carson made the comments Friday to the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“You work for the people, they don’t work for you,” said Carson when asked what he would tell the president if he had the chance.

“Constitutional authority, you think he has overstepped that in many instances?” asked the CBN host to Carson.

“Without question. Hopefully the legislators in Congress will understand what they need to do…They need to have a spine, they need to stand up because once you allow someone to take liberties with the system, they’re not going to stop,” Carson answered.

“This is going to keep going until you stop them. Our president is very much like Putin,” said Carson, referring to the president’s alleged overreach on immigration.