‘#HYPOCRISY’: New GOP Ad Uses Executive Amnesty To Attack Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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A new ad from the Republican Party uses Hillary Clinton’s own words to attack her support of President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty.


The ad, entitled “An Imperial Presidency,” uses Clinton’s words in an April 2008 speech in which she bashed then-President George W. Bush:

“Unfortunately, our current president does not seem to understand the basic character of the office he holds. Rather than faithfully execute the laws, he has rewritten them through signing statements, ignored them through secret legal opinions, undermined them by elevating ideology over facts. Rather than defending the Constitution, he has defied its principles and traditions. He has abused his power while failing to understand its purpose. This administration’s unbridled ambition to transform the executive into an imperial presidency in an attempt to strengthen the office has weakened our nation.”

Clinton’s speech is paired with a slo-mo video of Obama walking to the podium in his Thursday speech announcing his intention to defer deportment for five million illegal immigrants through executive actions.

“Now Hillary Clinton says ‘I support the President’s decision,'” the ad’s text then reads, followed by “#HYPOCRISY” and “Stop the Obama-Clinton Immigration Overreach.”

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