Krauthammer: James Madison ‘Is Turning Over In His Grave’ Following Obama’s Executive Amnesty [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Appearing the night after President Barack Obama’s national address announcing executive action on immigration, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said that James Madison is “turning over in his grave” after Obama “assaulted the separation of powers” and exceeded “the powers of the presidency.” Krauthammer made the comments on “Special Report” Friday night.

Krauthammer: “My loser is James Madison, who is turning over in the grave in Montpelier, when he sees how Obama has assaulted the separation of powers and exceeded by any conceivable measure the powers of the presidency.

My winner: Barack Obama. He’ll get away with this. He will, it is not going to be overturned, there’s no way you can actually do it. He can be hampered, you know, you can hold back the judicial appointments. But overturning the executive order is extremely difficult, and he will. He will succeed, but history will not judge him nicely on this.”