Here’s What Chris Matthews Says Will Get Conservatives To Support Mass Immigration [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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MSNBC host Chris Matthews offered his theory about what kind of mass immigration would be acceptable to conservatives.

During an exchange on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday, Maher was discussing President Obama’s recent amnesty action and began discussing America’s attitude towards immigrants in general.

“When has America ever, ever been welcoming to immigrants?” Maher asked. “Certainly not the Irish. Need not apply.”

Matthews, who was raised in an Irish Catholic family, chimed in, saying “probably the last time Heidi Klum visited,” referencing the German supermodel.

“What, you mean because she’s hot?” asked Maher.

“Yes!” exclaimed Matthews, adding “Hey, if there were 10 million Heidi Klums coming up from south of the border, no problem, no problem.”

He said that even Pat Buchanan, an outspoken opponent of mass immigration, would agree.

This gives whole new meaning to Seal the border.

WATCH (exchange begins at 2:50 mark):

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