Buchanan: Obama Executive Amnesty ‘The Beginning Of The End Of The United States As One Nation’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan believes President Obama’s executive action to legalize approximately 5 million illegal immigrants is “the beginning of the end of the United States as one nation.”

Buchanan also opined that the president is simply opening up the border for even more illegal immigrants, saying there will be an “invasion from abroad that you can’t really control,” comparing it to the 4th century Roman Empire.

Buchanan made the comments to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on her show Monday morning.

Ingraham: “This executive amnesty that Obama dropped last week, met by a few, I think, very perfunctory comments by the Republican leadership in opposition. But at the same time, the Republicans leave town…having known that the president was going to do this for months. They leave town with no unified strategy.”

Buchanan: “That’s because we have no unified party…I think you’ve got a conflicted and confused Republican leadership already that Barack Obama knew that’s what would happen. He exploited that vulnerability.

“He went right at it with the executive amnesty. But historically, he’s going to be responsible of course for this whole decision which is — I don’t think we understand how serious it is because I would — I mean, if your group is outside the country, you say ‘look, that’s the second amnesty. The Americans can’t control the border.’ You get in, then you’re there permanently and you’ve got a huge chance of succeeding and not being turned back.

“So I think, really, you’re really talking about the beginning of the end of the United States as one nation and one people, when you’ve got your country open to, really, what is an invasion from abroad that you can’t really control. It reminds you of the late Roman Empire in the 4th century, when they’re coming across the Danube and the Rhine and the emperors don’t know what to do.”