Get Your ‘Interstellar’ Fix By Watching The Latest Soyuz Spacecraft Dock With The ISS

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Among the many praiseworthy moments in this month’s “Interstellar” is a scene in which Matthew McConaughey’s character pilots a ship to dock with another in orbit — a tense moment director Christopher Nolan tried to express as realistically as possible.

WATCH (Spoilers):

While not quite as dramatic, space nerds interested in what the real thing looks like should check out the latest video published by NASA of the International Space Station’s Expedition 42 crew docking their Soyuz spacecraft with the ISS on Nov. 24, which includes camera angles of the docking from both the station and the spacecraft.


The Expedition 42 crew is made up of Russian Federal Space Agency Soyuz Commander Anton Shkaplerov, NASA flight engineer Terry Virts and ESA flight engineer Samantha Cristoforetti — Italy’s first female astronaut on her first trip to space. The crew will share the ISS over the next five and a half months.

And for those interested in the cinematic spirit of the film, check out the rotating docking scene that inspired Nolan’s from director Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi classic, “2001: A Space Odyssesy.”


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