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Google Maps, Google Earth, Google News, And Now: Google Deathray

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What’s that you say? You’d rather use Bing? You prefer Safari? Yahoo Maps is more your style? If you have not yet been assimilated, Google has plans to deal with you.

Google Deathray is still in the preliminary stages, as you can see in the following clip:

Leon Siciliano, The Telegraph (UK):

A bizarre video has emerged of a man walking into a beam of static electricity outside Google’s offices in London.

Simon Legrand and a friend were walking past the tech giant’s office building on Friday night when they say they felt a “strong electric field” and decided to film their experience.

As Simon walks towards the building his hair visibly rises from his head and he says he can feel a buzzing sensation on his forehead.

They’re still tinkering with it. Here’s Google’s demonstration film, depicting what the final result will look like:

After all, Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil,” not “Don’t be Doctor Evil.”

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