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Quote of the Day:

“My grandmother is dying. Please pray for my family. We are very close. She’s 91.”

GotNews Charles C. Johnson.

On Marion Barry’s death…

“In shock. Thought @marionbarryjr would outlive us all. Will miss him.” — AP‘s Alan Suderman.

“What he was to the civil rights movement was also the reason why DC always forgave him. Remembering former DC Mayor Marion Barry. #MTP” — NBC “MTP” host Chuck Todd.

“My feelings about Marion Barry are very complicated. Great early promise, often derailed by demons. Loved his city; didn’t always serve it.” — Politico Chief Economic Correspondent Ben White.

“In a town of people who owned a room when they walked, no one could touch the entrance magic of Marion Barry. Chronically late, the tension and anticipation would build. Will he show? When will he show? And then he would walk in, with a stride that was a combination of pimp-roll and politician, flanked by his familiars. He knew and understood the stardom of political office, its regal components, and comported himself with both ease and majesty that was remarkable to behold. He was more emperor than bureaucrat, a rock star working his fan base in wholesale and then retail ways.” — NYT’s media writer David Carr on the passing of Marion Barry for Washingtonian Magazine.

Journo laments her winter skin tone

“My skin tone in the winter can best be described as ‘ghoul with tuberculosis'” —  Jessica Misener, deputy editorial director, BuzzFeed.

Modern Day Mysteries

“Today I saw an 8 week old huskie pup and didn’t understand why everyone else in the park wasn’t freaking the fuck out.” — Kate Nocera, BuzzFeed Capitol Hill news reporter.

Columnist loses bet to Breitbart Texas Bureau Chief 

“I lost a bet. I thus concede that @brandondarby has the best knowledge of hair-metal tracks, is my intellectual superior, and I bow to him.” — AJ Delgado, NationalReviewOnline columnist.

BuzzFeed News political editor wants you to take another poll

“Poll: Should I go to the liquor store in advance of my Wednesday trip on Amtrak?” — Katherine Miller.

Binging journo tries to buy skinny jeans (or something like that) 

“My ideal Saturday night involves me in a corner charging my phone and eating everything I can find in the refrigerator.” — BuzzFeed‘s Samir Mezrahi. In a seemingly unrelated tweet on Sunday, he said, “Salesperson said the jeans I was looking at were ‘skinny’ as if they wouldn’t be the right fit for me so I ate her now who has the last laugh.” 

Weekend Conversations

“In 2 email convos right now. In one, I’m making fun of my friend for liking Taylor Swift. In another, I’m defending Katy Perry. #hypocrite.” — The Federalist‘s Mollie Hemingway.


“I had a huge dick moment today. But don’t we all?” — Jeff Pearlman, NYT bestselling author. See what it was here.

Confessional II.

“On the plus side, showing my nieces ‘Drive’ while babysitting certainly shut them up. On the downside, I think I’m banned from this family.” — Washington Examiner‘s T. Becket Adams.

Deep Thoughts With Sam Baker

“I don’t know much about swordfighting, but it seeems like you’d really have to be doing it wrong to hurt yourself with a double-edged sword.” — National Journal‘s Sam Baker.

On comment sections…

“Comments are dying because publishers and editors can’t bear to think they fairly represent their readership.” — MIT Technology Review‘s Editor and Publisher Jason Pontin.

A question that has been asked many times before: “How many of you out there understand ‘off the record’ to mean you can’t even acknowledge the existence of a given meeting?” — Erik Wemple, that WaPo “reported” media blogger who drove Robert Allbritton‘s TBD into the ground. Good q though Wemple!