This Is The ‘Sexist’ PlayStation 4 Ad Sony Just Pulled [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Sony pulled a brand new PlayStation 4 ad seemingly awash in sexual innuendos from YouTube this weekend after an Internet title wave of media and users described it as “sexist.”

The ad features a female doctor whose reference-laden lines suggest a different sort of “play” before she reveals the punchline.

“I bet you’ve already done it today,” the woman says in the ad while looking at the camera. “Or are you afraid you’re doing it too often? In your bedroom under the blankets? Or perhaps you prefer the kitchen or the toilet? Or do you like it in the garden?”


The ad’s final moments reveal it to be an advertisement for the PS4’s “Remote Play” feature, which lets users play games on the go via their PS Vita or Xperia Z smartphone, according to Business Insider.

As the report notes, the ad comes during a sensitive time in gaming industry media, which has been awash in headlines covering the recent “gamergate” debate over sexism, culture and special interests in gaming. (RELATED: Stephen Colbert Explains Gamergate: ‘One Man, One Joystick’)

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