Bill Cosby Leaked Story About Daughter’s Drug Use To Cover Up Sex Scandal

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In the summer of 1989 “The Cosby Show” had the number one spot in TV ratings, and the “National Enquirer” was going to run a story about Bill Cosby’s sexual escapades with some Las Vegas showgirls, so Cosby reportedly traded the publication a story about his then 23-years-old daughter’s struggle with drug and alcohol abuse if they would kill the sex scandal story.

Page Six reports that a source who worked for “National Enquirer” recalls what happened.

“My editor told me that daddy Cosby was the source. He ratted out his flesh and blood,” the source told Page Six. (RELATED: Bill Cosby Jokes About Drugging Girls’ Drinks)

Bill Cosby sexual allegations

Above, Erinn Cosby attends a gala honoring her father. (Photo: Getty Images)

Erinn Cosby was Cosby’s second-oldest child. She was estranged from the family in the late 1980s, the time Cosby was said to have given her story to the publication. Cosby blamed her separation on her drug use, telling the “Los Angeles Times” that “she can’t come here. She’s not a person you can trust.”

Erinn later denied that was the reason she was separated from the family, who she reunited with after the death of her brother. (RELATED: Bill Cosby Bullies Reporter Over Sexual Assault Allegations Question)

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