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Ferguson Protesters Mete Out #JusticeForMikeBrown


Isn’t it amazing how careful our friends in the news business are to differentiate “protesters” from “criminals” when they all agree the ends are just? I don’t remember the Tea Party ever getting that benefit of the doubt, but I guess it’s different when you don’t like them.

Let this be a lesson to you, America: If a white guy shoots a black guy, it doesn’t matter if his claim of self-defense is supported by the physical evidence. You’d better punish him to appease an angry mob, or justice will be extracted from a bunch of people who had nothing to do with it.

And now it’s your turn, libs. Take a break from shrieking “BENGHAZI!!!” — as if terrorists murdering a U.S. ambassador, and our leaders lying about it to get through a presidential election, is a big joke — to lecture us about the real outrage. At least your behavior is consistent. In both cases, you disdain facts that hurt your feelings.