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NYT Chief White House Correspondent Disassociates Himself From Rest of Pub

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The NYT is getting grief for publishing the home street name of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. To the point that NYT Chief White House correspondent Peter Baker wants some breathing room between himself and the reporters covering Ferguson, Mo.

A number of conservative outlets like Twitchy and Breitbart News are incredibly shocked and outraged, insisting that they maliciously published his home address. What the NYT did was publish the name of his street as well as a picture of his marriage license. They’ve since removed the license but kept the street name, which is just a few blocks long. Meaning Wilson’s exact address is still easily tracked on real estate websites.

Twitchy called it the “worst media slime.”

Breitbart‘s dramatic John Nolte put it like this: “When the media wants you destroyed, they want you destroyed.”

The Daily Caller’s Patrick Howley also wrote about the NYT‘s decision to publish the street name, but largely left melodramatic condemnation out of it. The author refused to link to the story.

Can Baker, however jokingly, divorce himself from a publication and still belong to it?

If so, he’s is giving it his best shot.

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His colleague, NYT Online Political Columnist Thomas Edsall, took a moment to give Baker a hard time.

“Aren’t you supposed to be the omnireporter, the guy who covers everything and anything?” Edsall asked.

Baker replied, “You’re not helping.”

Edsall apologized. “Sorry, will stop kidding around,” he said. “Didn’t realize it was a serious problem.”

Politico‘s Chief Economic correspondent Ben White surmised, “Tom is not here to help, Peter.”

Baker: “Seriously!”

One follower wasn’t amused. “Elitist fucking asshole,” cracked a follower named “No White Guilt.”